GemAlliance is a partnership between international gemmological entities that share the same vision and deontology. The aim of the members is firstly to freely exchange their scientific knowledge, to help each other for the development of gemmology and thus for the benefit of the consumer.

Gem Alliance is a partnership between gemmological entities


Above all, the members keep their independence but forge a relationship of mutual help with each other to share research, data, and deontology. All members have been active in the field of gemmology for decades.

The Gem Alliance members are influent gemmological entities located around the world


GemAlliance entitites (laboratories and university) are influent gemmological laboratories located around the world in the most important places for gemstones market, actually across Asia and Europe.

Gem Alliance members share gemmological Knowledge: here, a small crystals of anatase in a colourless Brazilian quartz bead


The accumulated knowledges of members is considerable, which is confirmed by the large number of their publications and conferences. Their collaboration is mutually beneficial for all of them and the gemstones world which sometimes lacks transparency.